New: Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphs - by Harri Kettunen and Christophe Helmke

Yaxchilan from the Perspective of Guatemala: New Data on Settlement, Fortifications, and Sculptural Monuments - by Andrew K. Scherer, Charles Golden, Omar Alcover Firpi,
Whittaker Schroder, Mónica Urquizú, and Edwin Román

Excavaciones en el Templo XIX de Palenque, Chiapas, México - coordinated by Alfonso Morales Cleveland and Martha Cuevas García

The Classic Mayan Causative - by Marc Zender

Proyecto Arqueológico La Corona: informe final, temporada 2017 - edited by Tomás Barrientos Q., Marcello A. Canuto, Marissa López, and Eduardo Bustamente

Appreciating Mike: A Remembrance of Michael D. Coe - by Stephen Houston

Proyecto Arqueológico Waka': informe no. 16, temporada 2018 - edited by Juan Carlos Pérez, Griselda Pérez, and Damien Marken

Merle Greene Robertson's Rubbings of Maya Sculpture: A Selection of Favorites

The Realm Below: Speleoarchaeological Investigations in the Macal River Valley, Belize, edited by Christophe Helmke. Available from Amazon.

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