New: Temple of the Night Sun, Chapter 1: A Tomb and Its Context - by Stephen Houston, Sarah Newman, Thomas Garrison, and Edwin Román

Dedicatory Burial / Offering Complexes at the Moon Pyramid, Teotihuacan - by Saburo Sugiyama and Leonardo López Luján

Maya Shamanism Today - by Bruce Love

Death Becomes Her: An Analysis of Panel 3, Xunantunich, Belize - by Christophe Helmke and Jaime J. Awe

The Ocellated Turkey in Maya Thought - by Ana Luisa Izqueirdo y de la Cueva and María Elena Vega Villalobos

The Further Adventures of Merle (installment 10) - by Merle Greene Robertson

Death Gods in Cotzumalguapa Sculpture - by Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos

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Maya Archaeology 3 - featuring the Grolier Codex, with articles by Mary Jane Acuña, Jaime Awe, Joshua Balcells, Michael Coe, et al.
Temple of the Night Sun: A Royal Tomb at El Diablo, Guatemala - by Stephen Houston, Sarah Newman, Edwin Román, and Thomas Garrison.