New: At the Crossroads of Kingdoms: Recent Investigations on the Periphery of Piedras Negras and its Neighbors - by Whittaker Schroder, Charles W. Golden, Andrew K. Scherer,
Socorro del Pilar Jiménez Álvarez, Jeffrey Dobereiner, and Alan Mendez Cab

A Carved Speleothem Monument at Yaxchilan, Mexico - by Christophe Helmke

The Text and Context of the Cuychen Vase, Macal Valley, Belize - by Christophe Helmke, Jaime J. Awe, Shawn G. Morton, and Gyles Iannone

The Ritual Deposits in the Moon Pyramid at Teotihuacan - by Leonardo López Luján and Saburo Sugiyama

Proyecto Arqueológico Sacbé de Ucí/Cansahcab. Séptima temporada de campo (2016)

The Fourth Maya Codex - by Michael Coe, Stephen Houston, Mary Miller, and Karl Taube

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Restless Blood: Frans Blom, Explorer and Maya Archaeologist, by Tore Leifer, Jesper Nielsen, and Toke Sellner Reunert.